Food Facility Nightmares: When Birds Attack

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Food establishments know firsthand that food safety is paramount to good business. When pest birds think they are welcome to roost in your facility, food safety violations will keep piling up. Between contaminating products, defacing property, and causing overall chaos, pest birds can create quite a nightmare.

According to Food Safety News, colder weather encourages birds to search for indoor shelter areas. “I have seen some interesting things in regard to bird infestation,” the article’s author mentions. “Poop directly on produce, in processed foods and on product packaging, not to mention the bottom of my shoes from excessive manure accumulation.”

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Contamination is one of many problems birds pose to businesses. Birds and their fecal droppings are carriers of over 60 transmissible diseases and more than 50 kinds of ectoparasites, capable of spreading infection to other birds, animals, or even humans. That being said, it is essential to eliminate places for birds to roost by making outdoor areas as uninviting as possible.

In addition to keeping outdoor areas clean, attractive and bird-free, it is also crucial to block any possible entry ways that would permit access to the building. “…Receiving doors should be kept closed if there are no plastic air curtain strips…Fixing holes and other entry points are also part of a solid integrated pest management system,” the article advises.

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In case of an infestation birds should be humanely removed. Humane bird deterrents are especially effective in these situations, not only for scaring birds away, but conditioning them not to return. Food Safety News explains that when birds feel threatened, they alter their activity patterns. In this case, once a bird feels unwelcomed, they are forced to find other areas that haven’t been deemed unsafe.

Bird infestation is a serious threat to your business. Therefore, it is always paramount to establish an effective pest management program.

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