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hands-on-trainingFor those who want to increase their knowledge about the latest bird control products in the industry, Bird-B-Gone University offers a free bird-control training course taught by our bird control specialists. Attendees are not only brought up to speed on Bird B Gone’s full spectrum of bird control deterrents and repellents but are taught how to market and install them.

Classes are conducted at the Bird-B-Gone facility in Santa Ana, California. Attendees receive a free training manual, catalog, and product samples. The classes show how these proven products solve a wide range of bird problems in commercial, industrial and residential settings. The products address not only the type of bird but where they land and what they do. The all-day course includes:

♦ Bird Control Products – Basics for Success

♦ How to Market/Make a Profit in Bird Control

♦ Site Evaluation

♦ Choosing the Right Product

♦ How to Install Bird Control Products

♦ Quoting Bird Control Jobs

♦ Hand on Training in How to Hang Netting

♦ How to Avoid Problems/Troubleshooting

Part of the training includes how to “follow the birds,” the best time of day to evaluate bird problems and about Bird Pressure, which defines the level of commitment birds have to various locations where they nest, roost, eat and spend time. Attendees also learn about bird behavior, their attachment to a site, the most effective way to get rid of birds and how to prevent them from returning. Also taught is the concept of “next door prospecting” and how to sell neighboring businesses or property managers who manage these businesses on bird control.

These classes have proven invaluable to professionals who want to expand their business by increasing the services they provide. All who attend the course receive a certificate of completion and are eligible to earn credits toward a PC license and can apply to become a Bird-B-Gone Authorized Installer.

To sign up for Bird-B-Gone University please email or call 1-877-334-4465. Ask about group trainings.

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