Need Bird Control Products? We have the Installers

get rid of birdsBird control is often an issue for both businesses and homes. If pigeons are landing on the rooftops and making a mess of the buildings, bird control is needed. The danger is worse than it appears. Many groups including OSHA and other environmental groups have acknowledged the health risk associated with pest birds and their droppings.

The risk to health is a major reason to install bird control methods, and to do so correctly. When methods of bird control are absent, this also leaves the buildings at risk of decay. Bird droppings are very acidic and will destroy what they land on if they are allowed to accumulate over time.

Your best partner in bird control is Bird B Gone. They have the most in-depth support and offer the most training in the industry. They lead the pack in both commercial and private bird control strategies. They offer the best and most up to date bird control methods available.

Bird B Gone has worked tirelessly to build relationships with authorized installers who are available to help their clients. Bird B Gone has trained an extensive network of bird control professionals around the globe that will help solve bird control problems as well as install bird control products. They aid with problems in residential, commercial and industrial settings.

Many of Bird B Gone products can be installed by homeowners and maintenance crews. If birds are roosting and nesting in your attic or sitting on your fence posts there are products that can be purchased and shipped to the home. There are visual bird deterrents that can easily be put into place simply by opening the package. For instance, Bird B Gone Scare Diverters are teardrop-shaped hanging deterrents that can swivel and rotate 360o. They can be taken out of the package and placed in trees, around the patio, sides of the home, eaves and any overhang.

If pigeons are a problem on an office building, the maintenance team is able to purchase bird control products they can install themselves. For example, bird spikes can be added to the company signage to keep the pigeons from landing on the signs and defacing the building. Bird spikes can be glued down because they have a glue trough on the base with allows for fast and easy application.

Bird B Gone offers an array of methods to get rid of birds. There are many different products to choose from including visual deterrents, physical deterrents and scare tactics. To determine which innovative bird control products fits your needs takes only a phone call to get you started. Experienced bird control specialists will help recommend products as well as guide you to installation experts that will help install the products when needed.

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