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As with any industry, there are innovations and breakthroughs that improve a product’s performance, reliability and price competitiveness. Bird control is no exception. As the industry leader for over 24 years, Bird-B-Gone has the experience, knowledge and expertise to continually lead in the industry in innovative bird control products and services. Our bird control engineers have more than 90 years of combined hands-on experience. And they continue to stay on top of the latest advancements in the industry.

Most New Patents in the Industry

As the world’s largest manufacturer of professional-grade bird deterrents, Bird-B-Gone products solve the most difficult bird control problems in commercial, industrial and residential venues worldwide.Bird B Gone has 42 issued patents worldwide and 35 pending patent applications—the most in the industry. Bird-B-Gone provides a full spectrum of bird control products and services to get rid of birds—humanely and effectively. This is why, as a GSA Advantage Approved Vendor, Bird B Gone products are repeatedly specified by architects and government agencies. Property owners, municipalities and commercial building managers look to us for the solution to their bird problem.

Products for Every Bird and Venue

Whether its bird spikes, electric track or the latest in sonic and laser deterrents, Bird B Gone has the solution for every bird and venue. Our ever-growing variety of bird control products addresses not only the type of bird but where they land and what they do. Our Aerolaser® Handheld safely repels flocking birds from airports and can repel nuisance birds over a distance of 2,500. There’s also our HyperSpikeR AirHawkTM, which provides focused sound deterrence over great distances. Bird B Gone’s Scarecrow gets rid of birds using a harmless blast of water and covers approximately 1,200 square feet. To control seagulls, pigeons and other migratory birds, there’s our Bird Deterrent Reflector, which needs only sunlight and a slight breeze. Our Sonic Shield™ scares animals and birds away from yards, patios, decks and balconies using sound and light. Our bird hazing systems are designed to deploy a light haze of bird repellent made with Methyl Anthranilate (MA), a non-toxic, food-grade ingredient. There are many more. And you can find them at

Made in USA Quality

And you can always count on Bird B Gone quality, since our products manufactured in the United States meet the highest standards and carry some of the longest guarantees in the industry.

Bird B Gone is the world’s largest manufacturer and distributor of bird control products, providing effective and humane solutions to a bird-free environment. The company provides advice; training and installation services for those who need help with these and other bird control measures. For the complete line of products from Bird B Gone, call 1-800-392-6915; fax: 949-472-3116 or visit our website at, e-mail:

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