Dog & Cat Repellent


Are Dogs and Cats Tearing Through Your Flower Beds, Trash, and Leaving an Awful Mess?

Keep dogs and cats away with Liquid Fence® Dog & Cat Repellent. Our all natural spray is a great way to keep them at bay. Just spray the Cat & Dog Repellent on the areas where your pets, your neighbor’s pets and strays don’t belong – lawns, flowerbeds, garden beds, trees, shrubs and trash containers. Their favorite spots become areas to avoid, not visit. And don’t worry, the spray is made from all natural plant oils, so it’s biodegradable and earth friendly. You can safely use it around your family and it won’t harm animals or your plants.

How Liquid Fence Dog & Cat Repellent works?
Pets and strays will habitually visit the same areas – seeking familiar animal scents – to perform their “duties”. When Liquid Fence Dog & Cat Repellent is sprayed in areas that contain these familiar animal odors, it will mask the odors, causing the animals to become uneasy, thus repelling them.

The effectiveness of Liquid Fence Dog & Cat Repellent will last a week or more and continue to act as a training deterrent for pets and strays as long as it is present. Initially, to train and break a pattern of habitual behavior, Liquid Fence Dog & Cat Repellent may need to be applied more frequently. As the animal’s behavior is changed, the application frequency can be reduced.

So if you’ve had it with dog and cat problems, Solve them with Liquid Fence Dog & Cat Repellent today!

All natural – Made from natural plant oils
Safe for your plants and family – Environmentally safe and biodegradable
Easy-to-use – Just spray and your problems go sway
Great training aid
Worry-free dog and cat protection – Won’t harm the animals
Proven effective at repelling dogs and cats – Member tested and recommended by the National Home Gardening Club!

Don’t just take our word for it, customers from all over the world tell us how well our Dog & Cat Repellent works. . .

1x500ml covers approximately 300ft²

Cost: Rs 435.00